Selling, trading and auctioning movie posters, lobby cards, photos, vintage sheet music, animation art, toys, magazines, comics, records, films ( 8 MM only ), press books, movie-star postcards and some sports and TV paper collectibles.

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NEW! ...  Various vintage original magazines dating back to 1938 for sale. Click here.
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  Vintage rare Baseball photos. Make me an offer for one or all these items. Click here.
NEW! ...  My photo tribute to many Academy Awards winning actors and actresses.  Click here.
Original TV Cartoon Animation Art Cels hand-painted for sale ...Smurfs & Mighty Mouse. Click here.
Here are vintage original movie star photos and stills for sale. Click here. Many big stars are pictured.
Many Movie and Celebrity Ads from past magazines are pictured here. Click here. Some are for sale.
Beautiful Classic Movie Poster images. Click here. Some posters are for sale.
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Photos / Stills Sale

Hello and welcome to the world of Hollywood collectibles and related movie / film memorabilia including:

    Original Studio Authorized and Issued Movie Posters ( Comedy, Horror, Sci-Fi, Western, etc. )
    Original Studio Authorized and Issued Lobby Cards ( Comedy, Horror, Sci-Fi, Western, etc. )
    Movie Star Photos / Stills ... ( Black & White and Color ). Images of many big stars.
    Sheet Music ( Vintage Hollywood related plus others dating back to the 1890s )
    Magazines, Magazine Ads, Books ... ( Some dating back to the 1920s )
    Original Cartoon Animation Art ... ( Flintstones, Mighty Mouse, Smurfs, etc. )
    Press Books ... (Originals issued by the film companies to the theaters to promote films)
    Vintage TV Paper Items ... ( TV Guides, books, photos, etc. )
    Some Toys, Films ( 8 MM Only ) and Records
    Comic Books ... ( Westerns, Disney, etc. )
    Vintage Sports Photos and Sports Posters
    Miscellaneous Items ( Movie Star Postcards, Movie Star Buttons, Others )

I have some items dating back to the 1890s. I buy, sell, trade and occasionally accept consignments for the items listed above. I look for items in the best possible condition.

What is your favorite film or films? I may have the poster. Poster collecting is a recent trend (30 to 40 years). The hobby has expanded into the commercial art collecting field which includes film buffs, serious investors, galleries and several museums featuring posters. These posters bring back great memories for you, your relatives and friends. Framed, they make very, very unusual gifts. People and businesses use them for decorating offices, home theatre or recreation rooms and for collecting. Film collectors need them to go along with their favorite films. Prices at major auctions of rare original items ( Casablanca, Gone With The Wind, Snow White, etc. ) have gone
way up. However, other popular movie posters from the 1940s through the 1990s are available and affordable -- to date. But, prices keep rising. People are hoarding them. So, if you want some items, buy them now or pay more later. People can identify with Hollywood memorabilia. They have favorite stars and/or films.

Click here for my monthly auction items and pictures (not a million items like eBay). I do not use eBay because: (1) It prevents many types of possible frauds such as scammers setting up accounts and faking a lot of positive feedback, sellers taking the money and not sending the product.
  Click here for various fraud information. (2) It prevents much SPAM being sent using eBay clients leaving bogus reviews. (3) Bids / offers are secret. You can buy low here and sell high. (4) Confusing and ever changing fees and policies. Best of all, I like the one-on-one dealings with you. It is faster and easier.

BEWARE! Many complaints posted about bad Internet dealers in memorabilia. Also, many are frustrated about the eBay site down-time, badly described and listed items plus high fees, excuses and not good customer service. You will not find that here! I have a MONEY BACK GUARANTEE for all the items I sell. References are available upon request.

Answer my weekly
Hollywood Quiz trivia question correctly and win a prize. Click here.

Bookmark this site for my weekly sales and monthly auction items. All are pictured with photos taken by me not from another web site (which could mislead you as to the condition of the item for sale). Each image is small so it will print quickly on your screen.
The image is never altered in any way. For more information for each item, a bigger picture, to reserve items, etc. just click to e-mail me at the bottom of every page.

I hope you find quickly what you want. Kindly let me know of any problems ( such as bad links ) and /or suggestions for the site. You can always request specific items that I may have. I have many items not yet listed. I also have some duplicates of some items for sale or trade.

So, do not hesitate to e-mail me by clicking at the bottom of any page. I may have the items you have been seeking for a long time.

Thank you for stopping here and thank you to everybody who had some nice compliments about this site. I would bookmark this page and come back soon because you never know what will be here next time.

Good Luck!

Happy surfing everybody!

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